petek, 10. februar 2012

Video presentation

  • Minimum payout is $15.00.  Payment by PayPal!  Wait time is 72 hrs.
  • All countries accepted where PayPal is accepted.
  • U. S. residents receive $1.00 for completed registration and $0.10 for phone verification.  All other countries receive an avarage of $0.80 for completing registration.
  • You can have unlimited referrals 1 level deep.
  • Earn $1.00 for each referral that completes 6+ Biz. Surveys.
  • Number of surveys depends on your TrustScore.  Your goal is to have a TrustScore of 9,000 or better, enabling you to earn more for surveys taken.
  • Paid ViewPoint says,  "The key to earning a high TrustScoreSM is quite simple: Be honest about your demographics and traits, always give your honest opinions, and don't be fickle. Change your mind only when it is really changed. Lastly, remember, we aren't interested in your personal identity. We don't even ask for your real name. We want to learn about you and your candid opinions but we maintain your privacy so that you will feel free to speak your mind." 
Comment:  I have now been a member of this site since 1/12, and have been very impressed with it so far.  The average survey takes about 5 to 6 mins. to complete.  Surveys have a maximum number of 25 questions, but the average number of questions is around 10.  You will not make as much money if you answer the same question "Yes" one time, and then "No" another time, so do your best to be honest and remember how you answered before!

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